How Many Highlights Can You Have On Instagram

How Many Highlights Can You Have On Instagram

How Many Story Highlights Can You Have on Instagram?

Instagram has multiple useful features that allow users to express their creativity and share vibrant glimpses of their lives. Among these features, Story Highlights stand out as a remarkable way to preserve noteworthy moments and showcase select content on a user’s profile. Understanding the limit and capacity of Story Highlights is essential for crafting an engaging and tailored Instagram presence, leading to increased engagement and a cohesive overall profile.

Initially, Instagram users were limited to creating 100 Story Highlights, but seeing the increasing popularity and utility of this feature, Instagram extended the limit to 100 Story Highlights per account. Furthermore, each Highlight can accommodate up to 100 Stories, allowing users to curate and present up to 10,000 Stories within their profile’s Highlights.

Organizing and Managing Story Highlights

Optimally utilizing the increased Highlight limit empowers users with greater flexibility and organization. Highlights can serve as virtual albums, categorizing and preserving Stories into specific themes or topics, such as travel adventures, personal milestones, culinary creations, or showcasing artistic endeavors.

Strategic management of Story Highlights saves users the hassle of maintaining a multitude of folders to organize their content. Instead, they can keep their Highlights concise and well-maintained, avoiding overwhelming their profile with an excessive number of categories.

Expert Tips for Effective Story Highlights

Thoughtful planning and adherence to best practices can help leverage Story Highlights to elevate Instagram presence and engage followers:

  • Crafting Catchy Highlight Covers: Choose visually appealing images or design custom covers that accurately represent each Highlight’s content.
  • Highlighting Evergreen Content: Stories that remain relevant and valuable over time, such as tips, tutorials, product demos, or behind-the-scenes glimpses, are prime candidates for Highlight preservation.
  • Categorizing Wisely: Categorize Stories into specific sections to make content easily discoverable for viewers. Avoid creating overly broad or irrelevant Highlights.
  • Updating and Refreshing: Regularly review Highlights and make updates by adding new Stories, removing outdated content, or renaming categories as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many Stories can I add to a single Highlight?

A: Up to 100 Stories can be added to each Highlight.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of archive Stories I can save?

A: There is no reported limit on the number of Stories you can archive for potential future use in Highlights.

Q: Can I edit or remove Stories from Highlights once added?

A: Yes, you can edit and remove Stories from Highlights at any time by selecting the Highlight, tapping Edit, and making the desired changes.


With a limit of 100 Story Highlights and the capacity to accommodate up to 100 Stories within each Highlight, Instagram enables users to effectively showcase and preserve noteworthy content. By incorporating the strategies outlined above, you can transform your Story Highlights into a dynamic and organized gallery that enhances engagement, fosters connections, and reflects your unique style and interests. We are keen to know if this detailed blog has satiated your thirst for knowledge about how many highlights you can have on Instagram. Feel free to reach out via comments if you have any further questions or seek additional insights into Instagram’s features.

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